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Bicep presents Lone – Mixtape FMB 69

Lone - Mixtape - Bicep

Bicep presents Lone – Mixtape FMB 69

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Im sure you’re aware that BBB are huge Bicep and Lone fans. Which in a way is a bit of an oxymoron, in that Bicep tend to create main room anthems, such as Isaac Tichauer – Higher Level (Bicep Remix), whilst Lone tends to explore and occupy the spaces between such records, take Lone – Vapour Trail as a case in point. Yet despite these obvious divergences in sound there are actually some compelling similarities. Similarities that make this newly found relationship an interesting and intriguing meeting of musical minds…

Like any successful relationship there always need to be some level of common ground amongst the differences. If for whatever reason a level of commonality cannot be found, a relationship will seem ill conceived and most likely destined for failure. And we have to admit that when we first saw the tweet – ‘Bicep present Lone – Mixtape‘, it felt about as natural a fit as an Australian taking charge of the England National rugby team. However we all know how that’s turning out, 16 wins in a row and still counting. And like that most unlikely of scenarios we have to admit that our initial misgivings were ill placed.

Both Bicep and Lone draw heavy inspiration from the past, whether that be hardcore beats & rhythms, 90s synths or analog hardware. And it’s this passion for the origins of electronic dance music that make Bicep and Lone, in many ways, a perfect match. A synergy that is clearly evident in the mixtape Lone has curated for the Feel My Bicep mix series.

For us this mixtape represents and interesting proposition for fans on both sides of the fence. If you’re predominately a Bicep fan, and as such enjoyed their two kicking Synthol Part 1 and Synthol Part II mixtapes, then we can confidently inform you that you’ll find this Lone – Mixtape just as satisfying. If however you a more of an underground, top collar button fastened type club head, this mix might just be the one that releases you from that securely fastened prison!

Bicep Presents: Lone – Mixtape FMB 69

Im afraid this mix is no longer available on Mixcloud / YouTube / Soundcloud.

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Lone - Mixtape - Bicep
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