Anyone who follows us on twitter has probably noticed that we tend to have the occasional moan about the shear quantity of limp wristed electronic music that tends to great us on a daily basis. However like anything you are truly passionate about those arduous hours are an essential pre-requesite if you truly want to succeed, for us success is previewing an upcoming release that firmly shakes you by the hand and demands your attention. In this case its a BBB firm favourite in Paleman, who you can catch at BBB Sept 14th, alongside someone we have been aware of but never actually featured before, New York Transit Authority (NYTA), which incidentally is a very enviable artist name. For those who know Paleman you will instantly recognise his distinctive percussion, use of chopped vocals and for want of a better word droning basslines, however in contrast to a typical Paleman release Drone is much fuller in composition with a much denser sound that can only be attributed NYTA’s influence.


According to NYTA Drone is part of an EP that both artists are currently working on, unfortunately we dont have a release date as yet, so a dutiful reminder note in the calender is the best we can suggest.