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Wayward – Love Jones (Aesop) PREVIEW

Wayward, new one to BBB towers and within 8 seconds of clicking the embedded Soundcloud play button we were hooked. Firstly this is not ominously led underground techno, which we like also, but actually a sun drenched slice of vocal led house. There is a whiff of the 90’s in its lead piano hook, but its not so overt you want to scream pastiche, but rather you get washed away in its soothingly warm stabs and chords whilst a soulful lead female hook seduce’s you with its earnest melody. Hailing from Leeds, Waywards debut single is a lush and highly accomplished slice of house that wouldn’t sit uncomfortable alongside recent chart toppers, Breach – ‘Everything You Never Had‘ and Ben Pearce – ‘What I Might Do‘, perhaps not as overtly housey as those records but certainly in the very near vicinity. Quality stuff.

Wayward – Love Jones (Aesop) Out Dec 2nd

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