The sun maybe showing its face one last time for us today, however it does not mean we need to get all bright and breezy and dream of long summer evening walks along the beach. As Im sure we are all aware, not everything is a party and as Vessel‘s upcoming record suggests ‘Misery Is A Communicable Disease’ things can often be quite grey and dismal. ‘Misery Is A Communicable Disease’ is most certainly not what you would describe as an overtly optimistic record, with grimey distortion, and shattering atmospherics clanging against one another in a frustrated rage of someone trapped with no hope of escape. However as the enveloping layers of gloom threaten to overwhelm a shard of light pieces the gathering darkness with a sustained chord of hope. Highly recommended.


Vessel – Misery Is A Communicable Disease (Out 14/10/13 on 12″ & Digital)