Troy Gunner…..”Superbly disorientating industrial dub with the warmth of James Blake and the ominous brooding quality of, say, Burial”, Gill Mills (Radio 1/NME). Not a bad opening line for your online biography, although Im not sure id describe Blake’s music as warm, however despite that slight difference of opinion this statement certainly sets the scene for the latest Bristol export.


Troy’s latest record (Out Now) is no less thoughtful, intricate and brooding than previous records, although perhaps less haphazard in its composition. ‘Is This’ Ft Synkro certainly has Burial type undertones as vocals glitch in out of the reverberating space, whilst a smooth brooding sub layer almost inconspicuosly drones beneath gentle percussive layers. ‘Forgiving’ Ft Rowl see’s the Blake comparison come to the fore with the lead vocal refrain unmistakably reminding us of the Mercury’s Prize latest inductee. As a whole the EP justifies the Blake, Burial comparisons and with its effortless sense of understated drama it will most certainly appeal to fans of both. Highly recommended.

Troy Gunner – Communicate EP (Pt 1) Out Now