Tom Trago’s eagerly anticipated LP ‘The Light Fantastic‘ dropped yesterday, Oct 21st, via Rush Hour Recordings.


Many EDM superstars have surfaced from the Netherlands to amass widespread commercial success but artists such as Tom Trago are truly representative of how healthy their underground scene is and the musical potential that the region has to offer. June of this year saw Tom release an album sampler that included the funk fueled summer hit Two Together, if like me you took that track as a taste of good things to come then you won’t be disappointed.

The album showcases a producer that has drawn upon numerous influences spanning from acid house to disco and channeled it into a pleasingly eclectic assortment of tracks, the LP expresses shady almost Recondite esque sounds in parts but with Trago’s own house finesse and more upbeat production touches found throughout, making it a more accessible affair for individual’s who aren’t cemented to just one field of electronic music. With each track sounding markedly different to the next one in terms of genre boundaries it doesn’t really flow if you listen to it in one hit, but does it really need to?

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