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Todd Terry is in the House – Reissue: Classic 90’s House (Preview)

First up a short history lesson, dont worry its not about politics or the British monarchy, yawn, but the birth of House music. Basically House originated in the mid 80’s primarily from Chicago, however its influence quickly spread across the US, in particular to Detroit and New York, as DJs & Clubbers got hooked to the magnetic dance floor energy of the repetitive 4×4 beats and off beat hi-hats. In particularly it permeated the Disco scene where DJs had already begun to create longer, more repetitive, and percussive arrangements of existing disco recordings. Having read various accounts regarding the history of house and techno music its hard to say categorically who and what records were primarily responsible for its global proliferation, however it goes without saying that the likes of Frankie Knuckles, Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May, and the subject of this post Todd Terry all played very influential roles in its growing popularity, as many of you know Frankie is widely known as the ‘God Father of House’.

Many of us know some of the original house classics, whether it be the original itself or a re-released 2000 version, for example: Inner City – Big FunRhythim Is Rhythim – Strings Of Life, Marshall Jefferson – Move Your Body (The House-Music Anthem), however DJ sets cant live on chart hits alone, meaning there are many great mid 80’s early 90’s house gems awaiting re-discovery. Thankfully with the frenzied House revival in full swing we no longer have to while away the hours trawling discogs for those forgotten 12’s, as our forefathers have decided to dust off the Reel-to-Reel’s, remaster and re-issue some of their former glories. Coming soon via Clone……

Todd Terry Presents: Sound Design Part 1 – Freeze Records 1303 (Drops 16th June)

Todd Terry Presents: House Of Gyspies – Samba (Out Now)

Todd Terry presents: SAX (Out Now)

Thanks to XLR8R for the heads up.

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