Tiga announces new LP with upcoming Audion aka Matthew Dear collaboration ‘Lets Go Dancing’. The last single from Tiga ‘Plush‘ didnt really resonate with us, had some great sounds in it but in general the vocal grated a bit, at times if feels as though Tiga over does the talking not singing vocal performance. Thankfully Tiga is in restrained mood with the single line ‘Lets Go Dancing, I wanna go dancing with you, All night dancing’ not overpowering what is other wise a nine minute undulating epic of trippy goodness. Lets Go Dancing has a subtle old skool vibe to it that conjured up memories of tracks such as Orbital – Chimes, not as classic, but certainly in that mould. The Old Skool theme may also explain the rather primitive 90’s made on an Amiga Rave styled artwork. Quality stuff, hopefully the new LP explores more of these types of sounds.


Tiga Vs Audion (Matthew Dear) – Lets Go Dancing (Out Now)