Here’s a quick history lesson. The Black Ghosts released their debut, self-titled album in 2008 and are formed of Simon Lord (formerly of Simian and currently Lord Skywave) and Theo Keating (formerly of The Wiseguys and currently Fake Blood). In the lead up to the release of their new album ‘When Animals Stare’, The Black Ghosts have uploaded five tracks for us to sample.


Theo’s the man on the buttons here whilst Simon takes to the mic. If you’ve heard Lord Skywave’s output then the vocals will sound familiar, but there’s something about knowing the dance floor prowess of Theo’s productions as Fake Blood that always makes The Black Ghosts’ songs seem surprising. It’s like they’ve been wound up tight with high energy and hands in the air potential but are never allowed to unravel. ‘In The Clouds’ is a good example. It starts in a broody fashion, slowly building ominously to what feels like an almighty drop. Except it doesn’t arrive. Then there’s a snippet of that signature Fake Blood bass synth and the skipping drums and just when it’s all about to kick off Lord’s vocals reign it in for a smooth instrumental break. The other songs in the sample give ‘In The Clouds’ context, there’s ‘Water Will Find A Way’ which is loaded with subtle horns, a glockenspiel and punchy drums in an updated 1960’s film soundtrack. ‘Talk No More’ has a driving, low slung, scuzz-rock bass line and amusingly, self deprecating subject matter. Whilst ‘Forgetfulness’ merges folk and dance in the same way Miike Snow‘s ‘Animal’ did. Final track currently available to our eager ears is ‘That’s All There Is’ which initially harnesses a reggae rhythm but quickly blossoms into a smooth 80s synth pop chorus. It’s an apropriate finale for this sample as it ends with the title’s lyrics “that’s all there is”.

‘When Animals Stare’ looks like it will continue The Black Ghosts’ theme of taking cues from a range of genres and blending them with electronic production and traditional song writing. There’s a whole host of intriguing ideas and sounds on display in this teaser but it leaves us aching for something to play on the dancefloor. Previously their choice of remixers has been thoroughly on point so here’s hoping the singles will yield some dancefloor friendly versions to be enjoyed alongside the originals.

1. Water Will Find A Way
2. Walking On The Moon
3. In The Clouds
4. Even In The Darkness
5. Diamonds
6. Sanguinella
7. That’s All There Is
8. Talk No More
9. Aurora Borealis
10. Forgetfulness
11. Your Soul Is Free

The Black Ghosts – When Animals Stare is released 25/07/11 and can be pre-ordered from Ape.