Tender Hooks is the collective brainchild of four wayward scamps drawn together by their love of meat, lager and quality dance music. Still in it’s infancy, this club night/record label hybrid is already showing a lot of promise with a lip-licking line-up taking over the first room of Corsica Studios this Friday – 1st Feb.


We caught up with the chaps and asked them for their selections of the “tenderest hooks” to come out of the underground over the past decade or so of dance music.

Gareth: – Jimmy Edgar – ‘I Wanna Be Your STD’

Colour Strip was a stand-out album for me on 2006, his take on the influences of Detroit was all sexed up and funky. ‘I Wanna Be Your STD’ was probably the pinnacle of that vibe on the record. Real nice and tender in a motorik kinda way.

Jamie M: – Jack Dixon – Coconuts

I’ve probably got more of Jack’s music on my computer than my own, including ideas and edits. Though over the years, regardless of how many times I’ve heard this track it still kills me. Goosebumps.

Sean:  – Nicolas Jaar – Time for Us

The Haunting vocal is the reason for this choice. The soulful dark sound created from the sample of B52s Love shack got my attention instantly, as well as the slowly shifting tempos makes this my tender Hook…

Jamie S: – Pachanga Boys – Time

Pachanga Boys introduced the weirdest Hook in their musical epic – Time. The first time I heard it I thought it had been ripped off boomkat? Turned out to be the Pachanga boys. How did they make that work? Inspired. Oh damn can I have another one?  Marshall Jefferson – Mushrooms (Justin Martin remix). If we’re talking about hooks – what about that vocal? Probably one of the best vocals ever. This has to be one of my all-time-favs. It is one of those tracks that you can pull out at any time. 6 pm at your nans wake, or 6 am after a night of pounding oldskool – what ever it’s gunna work! ‘I was floating on a clooooouuuddd’

They’ve done a mix as well: