Do we really need another record label? South London Ordnance has just announced his own soon to be unleashed imprint ‘Aery Metals’, adding himself to a long list of DJs and Producers who sport their own label. Is it just a status symbol, something that all producers feel they need to be excepted, or is it a worth while enterprise that introduces us mere listeners to great new music?

He-Do-The-Police-In-Different-VoicesI guess in theory the answer to the above question really comes down to the motives behind the label, motives that will no doubt have huge influence on the quality of the labels output. However it is concievably possible that even if the motives are purely commercial, such as building the artists profile, the music can still be good. Furthermore over time as a label evolves those motives of commercial viability vs love for the music no doubt fluctuate across the spectrum of the two extremes. Therefore on that basis its probably not worth spending too much further thought on the issue, at least when an emerging / established artist launches a label it generates immediate interest in the music they are presenting, and therefore can be an invaluable leg up for the artists they are presenting.

Aery Metals first release ‘He Do The Police In Different Voices‘ drops 19th August on 10″ & digital formats, and for the price of an email get your FREE copy of Modular Splash, see below:

A1. Black Acre ft. Brolin
A2. Modular Splash (Factory Floor – NVC Remix)
B1. Floating World
B2. Obsidian ft. Femme En Fourrure
B2. Modular Splash (Free Download)
C1. System
D1. Modular Splash (JD Twitch West Glasgow Optimo Mix)
D2. Black Acre ft. Brolin (Chris Carter Remix) Modular Splash (Digital Exclusive)