Not so long ago a BBB fan who we shall name ‘Dave’ for the purposes of this exercise informed us that he really enjoyed one of our recent shows despite us playing a few D&B tracks. In reality it was Cropper signed to BBB who played the D&B, and for us we really enjoyed the change up in tempo, and while Dave wasnt really having a go it did illustrate a reluctancy for some genre specific fans to spread their musical wings. This type of pigeon holed listening was particuarly prevalent during the Dubstep boom, where I lost count at the number of Dubstep fans who took considerable offence to being invited, via Facebook, to anything not Dubstep related, and I must also confess that in recent years I have seen my own musical interests drastically narrow, not only in terms of electronic music, but also my love for Rock & Indie has dwindled to such an extent that my only specialist subject in a Pub Quiz is under threat. In our writing we tend to focus on the House and Techno side of things, however our personal tastes go much deeper, and whilst we won’t start championing the latest sweaty rock band we do hope to bring you a little more diversity in our posting going forward, starting with this thoughtfully cinematic yet sufficiently energised slice of Drum & Bass.


‘And The World Has Gone’ is taken from Snow Ghosts debut LP ‘A Small Murmuration‘ via the Fabric supported ‘Houndstooth‘ label. In the main the album will appeal to those of the bleaker disposition with paining vocals piercing through enveloping washes of forsaken strings and haunting keys, however there is just enough optimism woven into the fabric of the music to ensure its not just a lamentable dirge, and its here that Calibre appears to draw inspiration for his energetic remix of album highlight ‘And The World Has Gone’. Overall Snow Ghosts should appeal to those of you who have The XX, Portishead, James Blake and the like in their music collection.

Snow Ghosts – And The World Was Gone (Calibre Remix) Preview Below: