Blah Blah Blah started life as an Electro party back in 2007, of which Simian Mobile Disco were a regular feature in our sets with records such as ‘The Beat’, ‘Hustler’ etc, however fast forward 6 years and we’d have to say that Bicep among other recent acts have replaced the likes of Simians in our record box. In particular Bicep’s ‘Vision Of Love’ and ‘You‘ have been heavy hitters for sometime now…….so imagine our anticipation when we saw this collaboration of past and present BBB hero’s, however are we really allowed to like this record?


According to a narrow minded promoter we recently spoke to, this meeting of minds is most likely blasphemes to him. Apparently if you start out in the Electro scene you should still only  be listening and playing records from that period. Normally we’re not ones for getting involved in such petty short sightedness, however considering this recent collaboration I must admit Im curious if said un-named person would be keen to point out to Bicep & SMD that they are contravening all rules of engagement and consequently should not be working together. Music moves on, so do tastes and as a writer who is a passionate forager of new electronic music both old and new, this is a timely reminder that music evolves and minds from different era’s can meet and cross the void of time to create high quality electronic music. We’ve pre-ordered our copy.

Simian Mobile Disco & Bicep – Sacrifice drops on Vinyl June 10th and Digitally June 24th.