At times Social Media feels like a time sapping, ultimately unproductive blight on modern society. You only have to raise your gaze across a packed train station platform to notice the characteristic stooped posture of its social media hungry inhabitants, most of which are furiously scrolling through the latest updates on their smartphone, be it Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. It would seem we still desire to be social, but we appear to be more comfortable interacting within the sanctity of our preferred handheld device. However this is perhaps an overly negative and pessimistic observation on society, when in fact the free following and highly visible social network has enabled people to share ideas, thoughts, inspirations simply at the touch of a button, and within the hands of the innovative and creative this can often result in engaging and rewarding results. I cannot profess to be an expert on all the creative possibilties of social media and the body of work that is already out there, however as a music writer I am able to express my enthusisasm for this creativity when it interacts with the world of music, and in this instance Sigur Ros latest video particuarly caught my attention, #Stormur.


Not only is the track #Stormur a typically compelling slice of Icelandic powered electronica, but in a broad stroke of social media brilliance they have asked their Instagram fans to hastag their photo and video interpretations of Stormur, and by doing so they will see their work included within this ever evolving video.

Click the following link to stream & add your own interpretation: Sigur Ros – #Stormur via FACT Mag.