Sigha is an artist who is most commonly known for producing claustrophobic techno rollers, however to stop their is perhaps an injustice to the Sigha sound. Whilst the majority of his work since his tortured 2009 debut ‘Bruised‘ on Hotflush Recordings is undoubetdly techno of the Berghain variety there is more going on than just cold clinical beats. With every release you feel that there is an atmosphere, almost as though someone else is in the room, this is not to say he is writing cinematic horror music but rather that, perhaps, his own pensive character is being projected into the music. This becomes even more apparent when the music washes away the beats and drifts into what can only be described as ambient electronic shoegaze, check the wistfully beautiful ‘Abstractions I-IV‘.

Sigha - Self Improvement / Living With Ghosts

‘Self Improvement’, although not included on the fortcoming LP ‘Living With Ghosts’, is a timely reminder of what to expect, exquisitely dark subterranean beats and menacing celestial soundscapes. ‘Living With Ghosts’ drops November 19th and on the strength of this will be pre-ordering a copy.