80’s funky summer pop…..Rudimental is not an act we’d normally feature on BBB, however with the sun blazing, my skin reddening and the weekend rapidly approaching we must confess that a little 80’s inspired roof down road trip type summer vibes is hard to resist, especially when Krystal Klear is on remix duty. Krystal Klear first nabbed our attention with his stunning mid 90’s rave inspired ‘More Attention‘. If you like your beats tough, underground and a little gloomy this is very much not the release for you, however if you occasionally venture into the sun, get asked to put summery playlists together for your mates, that often feature the likes of Chromeo, then Krystal Klear’s remix is a perfect candidate for a few spins. All you need is a beach, sound system, camp fire building skills and your finest loan-able jumper should things get a little chilly later in the evening….

Rudimental - Right Here

Rudimental – Right Here (Krystal Klear Remix) is due to drop August 12th and can be exclusively streamed via FACT Mag