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Romanthony – Trust [Remixes] feat. Motor City Drum Ensemble, Audiojack, Freeform Five……

Sadly earlier this year Romanthony passed away, aged 46, and like Audiojack‘s recent tribute (see Soundcloud description for Trust) we cannot claim to have known or ever met the iconic producer, however it was his unmistakeable vocals that soundtracked the summer of 2000 for us and many other holidaying brits – Daft Punk ‘One More Time’, he also blessed the 90’s with a number of vocal house classic’s such as ‘Hold On‘ and ‘Ministry of Love’, both of which undoubtedly inspired Daft Punk and many other house producers of the time. Romanthony or any person passing away is a sad moment for those closest, however it is a small comfort to know that his family can take some solace in his enduring legacy, a legacy that is being respectively handled in the wake of his passing. Too often posthumous releases can feel cold and calculating, however the ‘Trust’ remixes were finished many months ago and are only now being released, with half of all the proceeds being donated to ‘Kidney Research UK‘. If you like you 90’s music with a bit of soul and class we’d also recommend the recent ‘Ministry of Love‘ remix package featuring Ejeca & Andre Crom, which dropped earlier this year.

Romanthony – Trust [Audiojack Remix]

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