With the toned down and expertly produced Gordian released earlier this year through his regular output 50 Weapons, a strong back catalogue of harsher releases on labels such as Hessle Audio and Rush Hour behind him and an ever increasing standing as one of the best DJ / producers out there, SMD have scooped up Nicolae aka Cosmin TRG at an opportune moment and joined forces with him to fabricate something quite special for their latest Delicacies release, forthcoming at the beginning of December.


With their curious Delicatessen label venture documenting their fodder ventures from around the globe in the form of song titles, Surströmming refers to a putrid scented Swedish offering of Baltic herring. Ironically enough the track is a lot tastier than one would expect a sonic reinterpretation of an indecent smelling dish to sound like.

Throbbing synths and a powerhouse bass line dominate its entirety, with the gurgling effects acting as a reflection of the supposedly vile smell of the food. The track draws on Cosmin TRG’s more brutal musical tones, whilst SMD’s electro-acid esque influences are vibrant throughout, the songs true brilliance resonates towards the end in a flickering breakdown that will without doubt be provoking dance floor furies all over.

A match made in heaven, maybe?

Simian Mobile Disco & Cosmin TRG – Surströmming (Released Dec 9th)