Pev aka Peverelist someone we have featured a number of times on BBB, has teamed up with Kowton for an innovative slice of proggy powered techno. Last time out they bludgeoned our ears with the sub laden crackling delight that was ‘Raw Code‘ via Hessle Audio. The latest offering is much more tranquil in comparison, but dont be fooled it is still fully loaded, only instead of speed garage inspired low end we are treated to a celestial sci-fi inspired sequence of bleeps a beats that steadily build in energy and anticipation, teasing our imaginations towards the tracks gripping grand finale, which in this case is a mid 90’s Progressive House hook that the likes of Sasha & Digweed would have been all over in their Northern Exposure days.

As yet we dont have a release date, however we highly recommend seeking out this 12” once it touchs down in your local record store. This two track single precedes the upcoming 2 disc collection of vinyl only works by Pev, Kowton and Asusu, which will be released under their Livity Sound moniker later this month.


Pev & Kowton – End Point & Vapours (Preview)

Thanks to XLR8R for alerting us to this one.