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Pariah & Midland – New single on Blawan’s & Pariah’s ‘Works The Long Nights’ imprint

It would appear that the accessible Techno band wagon is in full swing now, thanks to Boddika & Joy Orbison’s hugely successful ‘Sunklowun’ releases. Therefore it should come as no surprise that this bass inspired techno sound is being embraced by other artists.

Upon listening to Pariah & Midland’s latest collaboration you would be forgiven in thinking “Boddika & Joy Orbison” rip off, as one reader commented on FACT magazine’s recent post. Untitled 1 contains that unmistakable clunking industrial pad and high hat combination, whilst Untitled 2 is a sea of ominous bass. However is this opinion an unfair and overly simplistic snap judgement?

Whilst the similarities to Boddika & Joy’s work are unmistakable lets not forget a few things. Firstly music scenes develop around emerging new sounds, these scenes help push music forward and bring people together. Without scenes, music cannot thrive and develop, and in an age where music is becoming increasingly more disposable lets not gun it down before its even fully developed. Secondly if you listen to Karenn aka Pariah & Blawan’s ‘Caretaker’ track on Ben UFO’s Rinse mix and their ‘She Works‘ EP, both released late 2011, you’ll realise that Pariah has been swimming these murky waters for sometime. Thirdly both tracks irrespective of their influence or where the sounds originated from are stomping slices of bass fuelled techno that should just be enjoyed for what they are.

Thanks to FACT magazine for the heads up.

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