Blah Blah Blah Records continues to impress with its intriguing and varied pursuit of new electronic music. This month they follow up their hotly pursued slice of electronica REID’s ‘Diptera’ with two powerful and emotive cuts of bass from the precocious talent PanLeft.

Below is a low bit preview of both tracks, full tracks coming soon….

Lead track Electrika opens with a distantly erie and dense wall of crackling sound before building in intensity and complexity with filtered vocals, sustained pads and keys overlaying a dubstep type groove of snappy percussion and heavy sub-bass. Electrika is a powerful main room lead, whilst second track HRTS takes a much deeper melodic approach, with a dubstep type rhythm flowing beneath a mix of murky pads, warm synth lines and hauntingly echoed vocals.

Having already had plays on MistaJam’s 1Xtra show PanLeft’s debut is set to take 2012 by force with its exquisite blend of bass and drama.

PanLeft – Electrika/HRTS (Out 9th April)

A – Electrika

Available from Beatport, itunes, Track It Down, Boomkat and all other digital retailers.

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