Paleman vs Pearson Sound a percussive fight to the death. Its fair to say that both artists prefer a good drum pattern to a swirling synth patch, and I guess for some listeners that may seem a bit limiting and devoid of musicality, even Resident Advisor gave the last Paleman EP ‘Half Out’ a paltry 2.5/5. However we at Blah Blah Blah certainly don’t agree with that sentiment, and whole heartedly disagree with the RA score of 2.5. Yes occasionally tracks from both artists can come off as glorified DJ tools, however this is only sometimes and the majority of the time what these two can do with a bit of bass, percussion and a vocal snippet is quite incredible…….but, remember this is club music not home listening. If you’re feeling this, then also check Pearson Sound’s recent record Lola / Power Drumsss / Starburst (Hessle Audio).


Paleman – The Day (Swamp 81) Preview