Do you produce music, are your drums letting down your killer hooks? Enter Melodics. Whilst many of us wrestle daily with various aspects of the production process, one issue that seems a constant thorn in many a dance producers side is that fundamental and crucial foundation, DRUMS. Without a decent drum track even the greatest hook the world has ever seen is not going to have the desired impact. As many of you reading this will know learning to play and produce music is a long and arduous journey with an ever shifting horizon, yes there are some great online course you can subscribe to via Pointblank or Dubspot and you can read and watch YouTube tutorials probably until the day you leave this earth, however nothing quite beats hands on instruction.


Melodics takes the Rock Band concept to help you intuitively build your drum pad drumming skills. Not only will you learn the basic rudiments of drumming, but you’ll find patterns you can instantly incorporate into your music, not to mention developing your potential for live performance. Melodics is very fresh meaning there is still room for improvement, such as a tempo control and a slightly more informative practice screen, but these minor improvements aside, Melodics is ready to go, you just need to download the app and make sure you have a compatible midi controller. Oh and its enjoyable to play, so no excuses to not improve your drumming skills…

Melodics – Intro Video