Legendary UK garage imprint ‘Nice N Ripe‘ announced that it was finally making its back catalogue digitally available from April 10th. To support this new chapter in the labels history they have also lined up exclusive new music alongside mixes from Todd Edwards and Soul Clap.


First launched in 1993 by George Power and Grant Nelson, Nice ‘N’ Ripe and its vast cluster of sub-imprints helped cement the embryonic UK Garage scene and nurture its endless offshoots that most modern garage/dubstep/bassline/funky owes a huge debt to. Producers such as Warren Clarke, Jeremy Sylvester, Fionn Lucas and Nelson himself perverted the labels original housey inspirations (as well as its supporters) and made Nice ‘N’ Ripe a must check imprint for a new generation.

Information on new material is scarce but the legendary Todd Edwards takes centre stage in June for a new Nice ‘N’ Easy compilation with singles from a new generation of producers following quickly after. Soul Clap will also be delivering their own compilation later this year.

Out Now – Nice ‘N’ Ripe Digital back catalogue