MRSK is a new one to us, and on the balance of this upcoming release on Skudge presents we will be feverishly delving into his back catalogue, post writing this article. Both tracks ‘Venger’ + ‘Image Crtl’ have a distinct rave feel to them which naturally appealed to our recent Praga Khan – Injected With The Poison fascination. Although neither track is quite as abbrasively rave as Praga Khan you cant deny its nod to the early mid 90’s, all thats missing is an accompanying trippy video.


Rave nostalgia aside Venger is the pick of the two tracks with its swirling main hook emerging from beneath a tempered wall of acidic analog overtones, whilst a thudding techno beat drives the track towards a subtle yet eurphoric conclusion. Venger is the sort of track that takes you by suprise, its simplicitiy is its power, highly recommended.

MRSK – Venger (Skudge PT007) – Drops April 15th