Originating from Heidelberg Germany David Moufang has been writing and releasing electronic music since 1992 and his low slung warm celestial grooves have continued to strike a chord whatever the decade. Its probably fair to say that some of you reading this may be thinking, who’s Move D, dont worry, but if you’re serious about your House music we implore you to read on a little further as Move D’s vast back catalogue deserves a good foraging. Those who do know can be smug in your well versed knowledge. We should clarify at this point that to say Move D is purely a House producer is a little restricting for his diverse body of work, however for the purposes of this article we are focusing on the House.


When in House writing mode Move D writes what seems like slow burning non committal house, i.e. sounds nice but requires nothing from the listener. However to draw this conclusion is a huge mistake, give his records a few minutes and you’ll realise that his lolloping groove, haphazard jazz type percussion and what can only be described as funk are infectious and masterful groovers, which lead us to his forthcoming release on ‘Electric Minds’, To The Disco 77. Following up is ‘Got 2 B’ record which we cannot recommend highly enough, To The Disco 77 is everything we described above, a slow burning groover that after a couple of listens you wont be able to leave out of your sets. We should also draw you to another track on the release, Endian’s rework of Got 2 B. Endian maintains the original’s essence and gives it a haunting quality that threatens to wisk you away from the dancefloor into your own head down trance.

Move D – To The Disco + Endian Remix (Electric Minds), drops soon and is a limited vinyl only release.