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Mosca – A Thousand Year’s Wait (Preview)

Having spent an evening earlier this year supping on Pho with London’s enigmatic Mosca it wouldnt surprise us if the title of this EP is a bit of a self deprecating dig at his own awareness of his rather relaxed release schedule as well as a pre-emptive strike at those who like to take issue with such apparent apathy, perhaps targeting pontificating and overly verbose music journalists who like to use big words and clever allegories to describe an artists latest release. It will also come as no surprise that Mosca’s schizophrenic approach to style and label choice is ever present with him reaching for the techno as he debuts on ‘Ann Aimee’. All of which is what makes Mosca, Mosca, in actual fact describing his music as schizophrenic suggests something is not quite right, which is most certainly not the case, it simply highlights an artist who has a broad and impassioned desire for underground club music.

A Thousand Year Wait, as you’d imagine has been worth the wait, unless you were hoping for more Garage based riddims, however if like us you enjoy a varied and well balanced diet of electronic music you will enjoy Mosca’s slightly bleaker look at the genre of Techno. Industrially smelted into shape the EP has an ominous energy to it, however despite the initial angular composition there is also just enough warmth bubbling below the surface to prevent it from becoming overly clinical.

Mosca – A Thousand Year’s Wait, drops October 7th: Preview / Pre-Order (here)


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