Midland and JD Twitch (Optimo) combine to deliver a charity record that is more than just a charitable purchase. This is the second Autonomous Africa EP, the idea being that one EP is released each year with all the proceeds donated to a charity in Africa. On this occasion the proceeds will go to ‘The Mtandika Mission‘ in Tanzania which is helping educate orphaned and extremely poor children learn the skills they need to break the cycle of poverty.


Unlike some Charity records this is not just a grab your money and run effort, you get the feeling those behind it, Midland & JD Twitch, have a genuine desire to raise money, how do we know this, because both lead tracks are well executed slices of African flavoured club music that deserve your attention. Midlands ‘CheckBob’ is probably the pick for us as its a bit more of a straight up club track that we already planning to work into our sets, however if you like things a little more left-field keep listening….

To support the children of Mtandika direct hit the following link: The Mtandika Mission