A mele (extra E) is generally regarded as a confused fight, skirmish, scuffle or a confused mass of people. Having witnessed Mele at close quarters, more specifically the Poop Deck of a particularly lively Ibizan boat party, its not hard to see why Kris Peers settled on such a name. As an artist he is not what you would describe as conventional with him throwing pretty much any sound he can get his hands on into the mix and seeing what happens. Everything is high energy, schizophrenic and gone in a flash like a high intensity pub quiz music round. The result is a confused mass of people who have no idea whats going on as their limbs flail around in contorted excitation. Like a true classic mid 90’s console Mele simply plugs in and plays with the enjoyment coming instantly, sadly like any true 90’s console there is no option to save. Thankfully Mele has overcome this problem with his ‘Vanele Mixtape series‘, Vol.2 is due to drop September 30th and is preceded by his upcoming single DMX. Naturally for the purist’s among you who like their mixes long and genres stable this is not going to appeal, but if you like a good power up this is for you. Enjoy.


Thanks to FACT Mag for the heads up.