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Maya Jane Coles – Protect Them (FREE DOWNLOAD via Comfort LP)

Maya Jane Coles, pop princess or underground clubber? Since 2010 Maya Jane’s deep melodic beats have been resonating on a global clubbing scale, with her own productions, remixes and mixes propelling her into the DJ Elite. In the last two years alone she has found herself in the Top 10 of Resident Advisors highly regarded end of year DJ poll. Maya Jane’s music has predominately been club focused, however as her style has evolved and solidified it has become ever more apparent that she isnt just a formulaic button pusher, but actually a bit of a songstress, perhaps most obvious in 2012’s Easier To Hide EP, which was actually a prelude of what to expect from her debut LP ‘Comfort’.

Comfort is a smouldering affair, there is nothing brash in this record with almost ‘The XX’ type qualities and a touch of Portishead melancholy emanating through a rich tapestry of punchy beats and reverberating bass. Its fair to say that this is an album of songs as opposed to a collection of club tracks, this is not to say that you wont hear some of these tunes spun at ridiculous volumes, but it does mark the progression of a clubber who has found her voice and is bearing her soul. Maybe not pop princess but certainly clubbing royalty.

You can now pre-order ‘Comfort’ prior to its official release 1st July and get the exclusive FREE DOWNLOAD [NO LONGER AVAILABLE] – ‘Protect Them’ in the process

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