Hot off the heals of his stylish ‘Blacksmif – How The Fly Saved The River‘ remix Lorca breaks from his self imposed hibernation and prepares to follow up his highly regarded 2012 single ‘Cant See Higher‘ with the 4 track ‘If I Told You EP’. Unbelievably its been almost 12 months since ‘Cant See Higher’ lodged itself in our record boxes, and its a testament to Lorca’s inate craftmanship that it has never left since. ‘If I Told You’ picks up the threads of those early haunting explorations and gently reminds us that not all club music needs to be about the phattest kick, bass, synth combination. What Lorca may lack in immediate dancefloor prescence he more than compensates for with his exquisite touch for layering complimentary sounds into a ever evolving and rewarding piece of electronic music. Dont be fooled into thinking this is headphone only and trust us when we say that these types of emotive records are every bit as important as the latest banger in the descerning DJs dancefloor arsenal. Look at the impact of records such as Jacques Greene – Arrows, Floating Points – ARP3, Four Tet & Burial’s – Nova and the like can have when played at the right moment.


Lorca – If I Told You EP, includes a remix from the rapidly rising Citizen and is available on Vinyl from the 1st of April and Digitally a few weeks later.