Dan Snaith’s aka (Caribou / Daphni) imprint Jiaolong is continuing its journey into uncharted electronic waters, unlike the majority of electronic labels out there, ‘Jiaolong‘ isnt succumbing to the temptation of current market trends. When you think who’s behind the label you’d imagine it wouldnt be too difficult for Snaith to sign up any number of illustrious producer, however this is yet to happen and consequently Jiaolong is building a sustainable and rewarding legacy for itself. Having said all that Les Sins is probably some production megastar flying below the radar. Either way another compelling and recommended release.


The latest release ‘Les Sins – Grind/Prelims’ is a juxtaposition of ideas. Lead track Grind is a Disco powered house track that you could imagine Thomas Bangalter chilling to in his Parisian pad, where as Prelims is more of a morphing bass track that combines funk with thundering sub ridden bass and achingly good analogue flourishes.