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Laszlo Dancehall – LZD II (ManMakeMusic)

Laszlo Dancefloor aka Leon Vynehall & Chrisitian Piers are back with their 2nd EP under the Laszlo banner, and its a bit good. Laszlo first swept us away with their grooving house vibes with the ‘Gave Up EP‘ earlier this year, and it looks like they have no immediate plans to shelve their contemporary yet backward facing toe tapping ideals. You can almost picture them in a brown / beige coloured studio, both wearing their finest corduroy slacks whilst the steady hum of their outboards reverberate off the woodchip covered walls. We have no idea what their studio actually looks like, but you get the picture. ‘LZD II’ picks up where ‘LZD I’ left off with understated gusto as its unshakeable grooves shuffle into view with opener ‘Whip What’ before toughening up on Flute Worx & Fatty Que. You get the feeling that the duo see’s Lazlo as an opportunity to explore their musical passions unrestricted by persona related expectations. LZDII is available on vinyl Oct 23rd & Digital Nov 11th, and is a must seek record. Highly recommended.

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