The explosion of house, commercially and in the underground, has both its detractors and supporters. Like any genre, you have the purists who complain about anything that isn’t true to the music’s original core and you have those fresh face’s who couldn’t really tell you much about Chicago and Detroit, other than they are pretty sure both are in the US. You also get the standard predictions of over saturation and predictions of failure 5 minutes after its comeback. All of which can make for an interesting debate, but much like the American parliamentary system a general consensus of opinion is never likely to be reached, and therefore we’ll stop here…..So why raise these point in the first place, well, there is another emerging trend, and that is the re-birth of some of dance music’s glittering ancestors. With new artists rinsing their software 808’s and promoters sensing an opportunity to couple new with old, former giants have a fresh platform from which to promote themselves to a younger generation. One such example is the revered Kerri Chandler who’s imprint MadTech has endeared him to a new generation of clubbers with records from Citizen, Thefft, Krystal Klear and Waze & Odyssey, among others. Here MadTech Records delivers ‘001-010’, a glance at the back catalogue since its launch with some exclusive material and VIP Edits thrown into the mix.


Exclusives Tracklist
1. Ill Blu – Omar (Thefft Remix)
2. Voyeur – Blame It On The Youth (Kerri Chandler Dub)
3. Kashii – Rome (VIP Edit)
4. Lakosa & iO – Home Early (Pedro123 Remix VIP)

Madtech 001-010 (Various Artists) Released December 2013