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Kele – Tenderoni

Kele Okereke the lead singer from Bloc Party has gone solo and his first offering Tenderoni suggests that his debut solo LP “Boxer” released June 21st could actually be worth a listen unlike some of the more disappointing Bloc Party LPs that never quite lived up to the hype and class of “Silent Alarm”. However its important to note that this opening assault is much more firmly aimed at the Club than the Stage with a very strong House led sound that is not that dissimilar to a Guetta or Calvin production. This comparison may put some of you off, and if you do find the original a little too chart friendly for your delicate palette then head straight for the more stripped down Electro Dub from XXXChange.

Take a listen below to the LOW BIT STREAM ONLY clip below:

2. Kele – Tenderoni (XXXChange Remix)

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