Julio Bashmore has been making a bid for House super stardom in recent months, and that sentiment is very present on this latest collaboration with Kowton. You’d have to say that a vocal loop that tells us repeatedly “to look in the mirror” is unlikely to have come from Kowton’s library of samples. You only have to listen to Kowton’s recent collaboration with the Peverlist – Raw Code to know that he is more likely responsible for the tracks grubby and seedy underbelly. Mirror Song is another undoubetdly infectious house record that is going to get heavy rotation from all the main players, however unlike some of Julio’s more recent releases you do feel this track has a little more grit than gloss.

Julio Bashmore  & Kowton - Mirror Song

Mirror Song gets a full release May 5th on Bashmore’s Broadwalk Records and is backed by Kowton’s ‘And What’, which according to FACT Mag is a skeletal techno track. Stream the rip below, take from Jackmaster’s ‘In New DJs We Trust’ radio show.