It would appear, unwittingly, that Julio Bashmore and BrEaCh will be battling it out for No.1 summer anthem 2012. Why do we say this? Well, you only have to listen to both tracks once to realise what we are talking about. One listen and the velvety signature sounds of both tracks will cover you in a blanket of unforgettable optimism as only summer anthems can, the type of track that you dont mind hearing on heavy rotation throughout the summer months. If we had to choose we’d say Breach – ‘You Wont Find Love Again’ is our personal favourite, however we’re fairly confident Julio Bashmore’s – ‘Au Seve’ will come out on top with its inescapable pan pipes guaranteed to permeate both underground and commercial audiences. Unless there is a contender we are yet to hear about?

Breach - You Wont Find Love Again

‘Au Seve’ is out now and ‘You Won’t Find Love Again’ drops July 23rd, both recommended listening.