The king of the remix, quite a claim, however Canada’s Jacques Greene certainly has a shout when it comes to the taming of sultry pop r&b type vocals, last month we got two free Ciara reworks ‘Sorry / Body Party‘, this month we have his remix of Autre Ne Veut’s ‘Play By Play’. Not free this time, but if like us you enjoyed last months freebies and his recent ‘On Your Side Single’ you are going to be all over this like the pop prince that you are, I say prince not princess as Autre Ne Veut has a bit of an 80’s Prince thing going on with his vocals.


We’d also recommend checking Autre Ne Veut’s recent LP ‘Anxiety‘ if the notion of College ‘A Real Hero’ meets Apparat ‘A Violent Sky‘ sends you into synth induced spasms of pleasure. Enjoy.