Late 90’s Prog House making a comeback, not sure about that, but if it does, you heard it here first. Hodge is back on Punch Drunk Records following his ‘Bells’ collaboration, with label owner Peverelist, and again he is submersing us in rich enveloping waves of sound with a restful determination.


Resolve builds where Bells (Dream Sequence) left off, but rather than spacious Bells taking the lead, Hodge has elected for a sharp snare groove. The EP’s second track ‘Prototype’ is perhaps more akin to what we’ve come to expect from Bristol based producers, droning low end, off kilter percussion and a crisp not overly elaborate lead hook. ‘Punch Drunk’ has made a welcome return in 2013 with Hodge leading the charge. Both EP’s are out now (click here) and come strongly recommended from us, especially if you’ve been enjoying Pev’s alter ego ‘Livity Sound‘.