Hackman, unfulfilled potential? We remember in late 2011 adding Hackman to our ‘Electronic Artist of the Week‘ series, a series which endeavors to identify those bubbling up artists who are about to boil over. At the time of posting Hackman had just released the superb ‘Agree To Disagree’ single, which we still play today, whilst announcing his debut LP ‘As Above So Below’, which sadly never materialised. Since then Hackman’s releases have been fairly sporadic and free of fan fair. Despite this the melodic qualities that gave us ‘Close’ and ‘Agree To Disagree’ have been ever present and a move to Futureboogie Recordings appears to be an astute choice, especially as it coincides with his strongest work since 2011. All three tracks on the EP are strong vocal workouts, that combine 80’s synth work, 70’s groove with present day assertiveness in a hugely satisfying mix of melody and beats. ‘Change My Life EP’ can be previewed now via (Juno) and is scheduled for release early this December. Recommended.


Hackman – Agree to Disagree

Hackman – Close