As DJs and Writers the summer months can be a maddening mix of DJs tweeting every other day what amazing festival they have just played, jealous, and a drought of quality new music, which actually makes us appreciate the also slightly annoying winter month tweets, just stepped into my studio. At least with a studio tweet we know something is being cooked up that we can eventually listen to and share. Thankfully not everyone goes into release hibernation over the summer months and Fina Records have elected to release fellow Brightonian, Guy Andrews, surprisingly optimistic Annum EP.


Guy Andrews is perhaps more traditionally known for his slightly more abrasive moody beats, with releases on Hotflush & Hemlock having established him as a producer of some quality, even if they havent yet propelled him into the glittering DJ spotlight. However like one of his former bosses, Hotflush Recordings Scuba, Guy Andrew’s has got all melodic on us, almost as if he got caught off guard by one of the UK’s all to rare sunny days. Having said that I can imagine some Andrew’s fans getting a little worried that he has sold his synth to the derivative commercial beast, dont worry, 7am might be his most melodic work to date but it still retains his knack for tight beats and moody introspection, he’s just cleaned everything up a bit. We’ve only heard 7am, but based on that we would definitely recommend checking this EP come July 17th.

Guy Andrews – Annum EP / 7am (Fina Records)