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Greymatter & KRL – Wolf Music 20th Release | Preview

Wolf Music celebrates their 20th release with an out and out howler of an EP.  The label has gained a vast following since forming, having just started as a duo with a fondness for disco; Matt and Stu have worked hard to earn their rightful place as a label of considerable repute amongst their peers.

WOLFEP020 sees a collab from KRL and Greymatter, first track Straight Billin’ is an outright groover of a track, with some very fanciable vocals and a retro feel about it. A World Without Love kicks off with mesmerizing tone, dramatic piano key prods and distorted vocal sampling feature before the tune’s tight percussive elements and bass line draw in. Although it’s hard to decide on a favorite I would say Mesh is the main contender, but only by a fraction. It’s straight to the soul, slow-paced, emotion driven house music at its daintiest. For the final track they’ve called upon man of the moment Medlar to remix Straight Billin’ and a grand job he’s done of it. Sounding markedly dissimilar to the original, he brings in some heartfelt string sampling and futuristic rolling synth sounds to end the four-track affair on a pleasing note. Big up Wolf Music with a fine 20th release.

Greymatter & KRL – WOLFEP020 – Out Now
A1) Greymatter & KRL – Straight Billin’
A2) Greymatter & KRL -A World Without Love
B1) Greymatter & KRL – Mesh ft. Emma Brammer
B2) Greymatter & KRL -Straight Billin’ (Medlar Remix)

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