Inspired by Gold Panda‘s ‘Miyamae EP’ and title track ‘Back Home‘ we dropped him a quick line in 2009, via Soundcloud, to see if he would be interested in recording a mix for the WeAreBlahBlahBlah mix series. Three years on with a second album ‘Half Of Where You Live’ having just been announced we had a personal message from the Golden Panda himself, saying; “Hey just got this message. I havent checked this thing for 3 years. Seems like you’re doing well! x”. However unlike most bears this was not due to a prolonged need to hibernate, but rather a desire to travel the world and explore some of the world’s most iconic and fundamentally flawed cities. As a concept ‘Half Of Where You Live’ appears to be the makers attempt to sift and understand the sprawling contrasts of urban decay and prosperity, with tracks such as ‘Community’ exploring the cultural divides of London, whilst ‘Brazil’ represents his journey into Sao Paulo, which you can preview below. Other confirmed tracks include, My Father In Hong Kong 1961, We Work Nights, Enoshima and Junk City II.


‘Half Of Where You Live’ is due June 10th, and you can pre-order it now via ‘The Ghostly Store