Another week done and another begins as 2013 makes a bid for the fastest year we have ever experienced. Listening to Fort Romeau’s remix of Gold Panada’s Community has most certainly put me in a reflective mood this Monday afternoon, as it’s exploratory tones bring to mind all the stresses, strains, sadness and excitement of a year that personally has been both highly forgettable and hugely inspiring. Community is one of those wonderful pieces of music you know was written with a considered purpose, as it’s deliberate beat journey’s alongside leisurely somber washes of sound, whilst optimistic keys punctuate the melancholy mood, beckoning us to shake off the noisy often unhealthy distractions of our surroundings. The type of track that lends itself to driving one of those deserted highways that shimmer in the midday heat as they stretch far into the mountainous horizon. Enjoy.


Gold Panda – Community (Fort Romeau Remix) Is taken from Gold Panda’s recently released LP ‘Half Of Where You Live‘ and is available Digitally in September and 12″ in October.