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Featured Artist – Djrum

First up we would like to welcome the newest addition to the Blah Blah Blah writing team in the shape of the prodigious talent Lorca. Hailing from Brighton, UK, Lorca has quickly established himself as a producer who draws influence from various quarters. Whilst the bass movement has clearly inspired and galvanised his music it certainly does not solely define it, with an exquisite use of soulful vocals, intricate percussion and smooth sub-bass Lorca has created a contemporary yet distinctly unique sound, check his critically received singles, Moments, Hold Back and Can’t See Higher. However his passion for music doesnt stop there.

On a daily basis Lorca can be caught fervently supporting other artists and their work through his facebook and twitter accounts, and it was with this in mind that we are delighted he accepted our invitation to write for BBB. First up Lorca introduces us to the somewhat underrated talent – Djrum.

On first listen you could quite easily make the mistake of writing off 
Djrum as just another Burial imitator, but listen deeper and before long it becomes obvious that Felix Manuel clearly stands out from the 
rest of his peers in that mini-genre.

Djrum, apparently pronounced drum is a producer that has been on my radar since I came across his 
2010 release ‘St. Martins / Tension‘ on the Smoking Sessions imprint. The echoey, spacious textures, deep delays and brooding vocal snippets instantly won me over, and clearly I wasn’t the only one as Resident Advisor awarded the record a righteous 4.5/5 in its review. In fact across the Internet there has only been high praise for Djrum’s productions. His 
latest effort the ‘Watermark EP’ is arguably his strongest yet, and with only 2 live shows this summer we feel Djrum deserves more love!

Djrum – Watermark EP (2nd Drop Records) Out Now

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