Fantastic Mr Fox is generally known for being quite a wiley cunning sort working a subversive existence, and having listened to the musical incarnation of Roald Dahl’s much loved rogue you can most definitely draw parallels. Fantastic Mr Fox is far from conventional with his music, producing records that flirt and steal ideas from most genres of electronic music, whilst never quite finding an established home. This has certainly ensured that the Manchester based musician has established himself as a uniquely talented writer, however unlike such peers as SBTRKT he is yet to convert that sound into something that garners much broader appeal, again referencing our article “Is it possible to be too Underground“?


Its a difficult conundrum, whilst you dont necessarily want to whore your music to the masses you do also want to make some sort of living from it, and lets be honest playing to a baying audience certainly beats the average daily grind. Its potentially with this in mind, that Fantastic Mr Fox is preparing to release his most accessible work to date ‘The Trap / Jackal’. Whilst the Jackal is more in-keeping with previous work, lead track ‘The Trap’ combines his flair for individualism with a very desirable straight up dance floor magnetism. Combining an array of recognisable and very hooky vocal samples Mr Fox drives things forward with a straight 4×4 beat, numerous creative stabs and percussion keep things jacking, whilst a smooth synth hook filters in and out of the mix, quality stuff.

Fantastic Mr Fox – The Trap (Preview) Drops August 5th