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FaltyDL – Mean Streets Part 2 (Swamp81)

Swamp81, recently voted as label of the month by Resident Advisor, is a label that is far from modern day conventional when it comes to releasing music. Unlike the majority of electronic labels Swamp81 embraces a more traditional approach by offering vinyl only singles that are encouraged to spark their own natural buzz prior to release, admittedly the word ‘limited’ is often thrown in to fan the flames, however this is an acceptable tactic in our opinion when you consider that the majority of music in the digital age is so widely available that it rapidly looses its innate ability to transcend itself. As DJs having the opportunity to play something that not everyone has is still a huge thrill.

In true Swamp81 style Falty DL – ‘Mean Streets Part 2‘ was announced today with limited fan fare but very much limited vinyl only. Set to be released April 2nd you can sample all three tracks and pre-order your copy via their online store today. Mean Streets Part 2 follows Part 1 released early 2011 (see below).

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