Record labels are as prevalent and often as homogenous as the stones on our home town beach of Brighton, a fact that is more true now than ever. Virtually anyone can be a record label owner these days, all you need is an MP3, a name for said label and a platform from which to release your music, sounds good, right. However for us seekers of new music it has got to the point where there is more chaff than wheat, leading to many a disillusioned day of fruitless sifting through the latest, “deep house is big, lets set up a deep house label”. Thankfully some labels establish themselves purely on their passion for music and a desire to share that music with a wider audience. Enter Berlin based New Kanada.


Owner Adam Marshall, born in Toronto and now residing in Berlin has over 10 years experience within the underground dance scene as DJ, producer and promoter. He’s a man of his own design, who is clearly unperturbed by the rapidly shifting sands of the electronic scene as he crafts and signs refreshingly inspiring club music. I guess techno and electronica would be the principle categories, however New Kanada consistently blurs those lines as it encourages a rich vein of creativity to run through the core of every release, matched only by the iconic black and white imagery that adorns every record. The cover art itself is enough to entice you in and explore Adam’s untouched landscape of evocative sounds and textures, perhaps inspired by the glorious wilderness of his native country, Canada.

New Kanada is currently preparing its 42nd release ‘Graze – NK42′ out April 29th, and its imaginative, relevant and not overly eccentric beats should inspire you to dig further and discover what has now become one of our key labels of choice. We recently opened our Sceen FM show with ‘On Board’ and you can preview lead track ‘TheSust’ below. New Kanada is rich in diversity whilst remaining true to the ultimate purpose of club music, dance. Highly Recommended.

Graze – NK42
A1. TheSust
B1. No Save
B2. Cathode Bias
C1. Ques
D1. Dexires
D2. On Board