So Bill Murray & Dan Ackroyd have started a label together ‘Loft Records’, well at least thats what their website would like us to believe, and why not. Based on ‘Loft Records’ debut release it would appear that both Bill & Dan ‘aint afraid of no’ mid 90’s housey rave sounds, which is quite surprising when you consider their obvious 80’s heritage!  Realistically our guess is that Loft Records is Waze & Odyssey new project, especially when you consider their penchant for retro sounds and the labels obvious nod towards the legendary NY club ‘The Loft‘, and the fact that they have previously had Ejeca & Citizen on double header action for their W&O imprint.


Opening track ‘Rosario’ is a real return to form for Ejeca, in a period where his overly hectic release schedule seems to have been resulting in slightly diminishing returns. Rosario takes us back to his sublime late 2012 release ‘Horizon’, although slightly less ravey and more mid 90’s house in construction. This is hands in the air piano laden main room house, quality stuff. Citizen who completes the package drops things down a bit and takes us to what we can only describe as underground 90’s house, no main room piano hooks, but the obligatory female vocal loops, claps and swirling synths are all present. Not as obvious as his recent hit ‘So Submissive‘, but dont let that put you off. Overall a strong opener from ‘Loft Records’ making it a label to keep you eye on, although it will be interesting to see if they can keep the retro sounds consistently fresh and credible.

Ejeca – Rosario + Citizen – U Give Me Love (Loft Records) Drops July 1st