Eats Everything & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs have both been nearing the top of the food chain for quite sometime now, with their powerful brand of beats laying waste to many of their closest rivals. Whilst most of their contemporaries have josteled for position these two have remained consistently at the top of their game, with Eats delivering wave after wave of bouncing, yet credible party beats, whilst TEED has just delivered a debut LP that is thoughtfully melodic whilst at the same time prowling the dance floor with ferocious intent. If you’ve seen TEED Live you’ll now what we’re getting at. So what better combination for a collaboration……(listen in from about 1.21).

Lion, The Lion lives up to its name sake, this is no wimpering pussy cat, but rather a battle worn beast that has seen a few battles. Forget crisp Dusky like production, this is roughed up and in your face, with all the elements feeling as though they have been distilled in a wash of crackling distortion. The Industrial main hook is offset by a slightly less gruff stab, whilst a solid house beat and african percussion drive things forward. Think Eats Everything’s recent collaborations with Justin Martin mixed with TEED’s American Dream Part II, with a tamed Blawan applying the finishing touches.

As to a release date we have no idea, it first appeared on Eats Everything Essential Mix in 2012 and again more recently on TEED’s forthcoming Crosstown Rebels Mix – Get Lost VI.